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Please note we have a limited menu this summer due to Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.

Many of our sauces and other items are house-made – look for HD on the menu – that means it’s found only at HotDoggers!

We cater! Call for more information.

All of our hotdogs are served in a freshly steamed bun (we have Gluten-Free buns for $2.95).
Choose an All Beef Dog or a Koegel Dog – $2.95.

Detroit Coney Dog - 3.95

Koegel, HD’s Coney Sauce, onion, & mustard

Flint Coney Dog - 3.95

Koegel, HD’s Flint Sauce, onion, & mustard

Two Coney Chips Combo - 11

Two Coneys (Detroit, Flint, or one of each), bag of chips, and a fountain drink

Two Coney Fries Combo - 12

Two Coneys (Detroit, Flint, or one of each), side of fries, and a fountain drink

Devil Dog - 4.45

Hot and Spicy!  HD’s Detroit Coney topped with pepperoncinis, sport peppers, & Tabasco

Chicago Dog - 4.95

All Beef Hotdog, poppy seed bun, mustard, HD’s Fresh House Relish, onion, tomato, sport peppers, dill pickle spear, & celery salt

Bird Dog - 4.95

 Chicken tender, bacon, cheddar, with BBQ Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Dog - 4.95

Koegel wrapped with bacon & served with HD’s Ale Mustard & HD’s Fresh House Relish

Burger - 8.95

Topped with lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a brioche bun.Add Cheese $1, or Bacon $2

Veggie Burger - 8.95

HD's housemade patty of black and red beans, jasmine rice, almonds, & veggies. Topped with tomato, lettuce, pickle on a brioche bun.

BLT - 7.95

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayo.  Served on grilled sourdough.

Chicken Tender & Fries Basket - 7.95

Three tenders with a side of BBQ or Ranch, and small fries.

Buffalo Chicken Tender Wrap - 7.95

Topped with lettuce, cheddar, & Ranch dressing

Gyro - 7.95

Pita filled with Gyro meat, tomato, red onion, and HD’s Tzatziki Sauce

Chicken Tender Pita - 7.95

Topped with American cheese, Ranch dressing, lettuce, & pickles.

Wing Dings - $1 each

With Buffalo sauce or naked.


Order any hot dog, coney, or sandwich, then ADD a discounted fountain drink with small fries or chips.

Fries Combo + 4.89

Chips Combo + 3.59


Small Fries - 2.95

Basket of Fries - 4.45

Cheese Fries - 5.45

Coney Cheese Fries (with Detroit Sauce) - 6.45

Sides / Extras

Gluten Free Hotdog Bun - 2.95

Great Lakes Kettle Chips - 1.69

Potato Salad - 2.50

Ranch, BBQ - .50

Side of HD's Dressing - .75

Sport Peppers - .50

Dill Pickle Spear - .50

Whole Pickle - 1.75

HD's Sauces

Call ahead to order sauces by the quart or gallon.


Cup: 4.45 / Bowl: 7.45


Cup: 5.65 / Bowl: 8.65